Integrating SAP with
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Enhance Your Business Operations with Our SAP and ECM Integration Solution - aqilink

Boost your business efficiency with aqilink by seamlessly integrating your content with SAP ECC6 and SAP S/4HANA. Our solution enables effortless exchange of documents and data across your business applications. With over 25 years of SAP expertise and over 15 years in ECM platforms such as Nuxeo, Alfresco, Documentum and OpenText, we've developed aqilink. Our product adheres to the latest, modern, and open standards, catering to customer needs and seamlessly interacting with popular content repositories and high-performance object storages.

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App Details


Based on a Docker image, the app is highly scalable and can be orchestrated by many Orchestration tools.

SAP standards

The app does not require any programs, Z-tables, or other code-adaptations in SAP - just configuration.

Progressive framework

Running on NestJS framework creates a modern, scalable, highly efficient and loosely coupled application.


Easy configuration using a Low-Code approach allows quick start and enhancement possibilities on short demand.


Enrich content in the repository with any SAP metadata using either Rest (OData) services or RFC, triggered on action, event or time.

Multiple repositories

Connect multiple storages simultaneously. Store archive documents in a in a different storage than business documents.

Light weight

The app requires less system requirements to run as it does not store or cache any content from the connected systems.

Trial available

The full scope of our app can be tested without restrictions in the trial version. Basic support is included.

Well documented

The app is well documented including detailed step-by-step guides, but you can also check our video tutorials.

Watch Demo Videos

Check out our YouTube account to watch our app in action! Based on use cases, we created short videos to demonstrate its possibilities. You can observe how SAP content is kept in Nuxeo for different scenarios.

I am happy to talk with you in person, discuss your requirements and - of course - do a customer optimized demo. Volker Blaesig

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SAP Integration Options

Supporting all SAP Knowledge Provider (KPro) integration options. Available in the Services for Object (GOS menu) for SAP Business Objects you just need to customize the desired SAP Object along with a SAP Document Type and you're ready to store documents through the SAP GUI via our product towards ECM systems or Cloud storages.

SAP Frontend Options

Because our product uses the standard integration options of the SAP KPro above, it also supports all available SAP frontends. For example, if Attachment Services are implemented in a Fiori app (as they are by default in the vast majority of existing Fiori apps), documents from the repository can be handled with minimal effort.

SAP Certified Integration

Our integration has been tested and certified by SAP to be compatible with SAP S/4HANA, and that it meets SAP's quality standards. This gives customers the assurance that our product will work seamlessly with their SAP S/4HANA system and that it will not cause any conflicts or issues. Additionally, a SAP Certified integration ensures that our product is supported by SAP and that it will be updated to work with new releases of SAP S/4HANA as well. From a customer perspective this means, he can be confident that our integration will continue to work well as they upgrade their SAP system. Moreover, with our SAP Certified integration customers can reduce the implementation time and cost, as the integration has been already tested and validated by SAP, which makes it easier and faster to implement.
In summary, our SAP Certified integration provides the customer with a seamless exchange of data between the related systems, a higher level of compatibility and support, as well as a reduction in implementation time and cost.

  • Seamlessly integrated into the SAP environment
  • SAP R/3 ECC6 support
  • Integrates with SAP S/4HANA. SAP Fiori-ready