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SAP S/4HANA and Microsoft SharePoint

SAP S/4HANA is a powerful enterprise resource planning system that provides businesses with real-time insights and streamlined processes. When it comes to managing documents, Microsoft SharePoint is a popular solution that allows for secure, centralized storage and easy collaboration that comes already with the Standard Microsoft 365 subscription. Companies are able to take advantage of a variety of benefits that increase their general efficiency by integrating SAP S/4HANA with Microsoft SharePoint. Our smart and efficient product will help these companies to accomplish the challenge of connecting both, the structured world of SAP along with the living content in SharePoint.

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Content in Context

A significant advantage of our integration is the seamless user experience it provides, allowing individuals to operate within their familiar environment while managing content. SAP users can effortlessly store, access, and locate the documents they need without the necessity of navigating to Microsoft SharePoint and vice versa.

This integration fosters enhanced collaboration among teams. By connecting SAP S/4HANA to SharePoint, users can easily share documents (inclusive of SAP metadata) with colleagues, facilitating real-time project collaboration. The seamless collaboration experience not only leads to heightened productivity but also streamlines workflows, making project execution more efficient.

SAP Users

The user in SAP can manage his daily business without having to worry about storing content in Microsoft SharePoint. Our integration handles all requests in the background, and depending on the user's purpose, the documents are either stored, retrieved, or updated. The SAP native viewing component takes care of displaying the document from the repository.

SharePoint Users

Users in Microsoft SharePoint Online can view the documents without having access to SAP. Furthermore, the bidirectional integration allows to replicate additional metadata from the related SAP business object to the document in SharePoint. As a result, third-party systems, that may be linked to SharePoint can use these SAP metadata as well.
Another advantage of our product is, that a user in SharePoint can start a process on the SAP system. For instance, an Invoice can be automatically linked to the corresponding SAP Business Object just by uploading the document to SharePoint.

Smart - Even Beyond!

Our product comes along with many smart advantages which help companies to ramp up their SAP - SharePoint integration in minutes within their own environment.

Demo Site in Minutes!

Our complimentary PowerShell-Script ramps up a full SAP related demo site within your SharePoint tenant, prepared with a best-practise structure and, of course, along with the required data model. Fully automated and ready to use in minutes.

Power App? PowerApp!

Our SAP Content Repository Manager will give the SharePoint administrator a handsome tool to view and manage the connected SAP Content Repositories.
Easily. Intuitiv. At a glance.

Open SAP Business Object

This feature allows the user in SharePoint Online to open the related SAP Business Object of the current selected document by one click from within the menu actions. Fully customizable based on almost any SAP Object Type, even for custom types. Check our documentation to learn more.
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Connect to SAP

The Connect to SAP feature enables users to upload documents to Microsoft SharePoint and link them to existing SAP Business Objects, making them available in the Attachment list of the respective SAP Business Object. The related properties of the SAP Business Object can be entered manually or set automatically through a Power Automate Workflow we provide. Additionally, we can trigger an SAP Workflow, assigning a Work Item to a specific SAP user or group which includes the current document.
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Watch on demand

Check our YouTube channel to watch business case related demo videos between SAP and Microsoft SharePoint. We're also happy to support you with a live demo upon request.

I am happy to talk with you in person, discuss your requirements and - of course - do a customer optimized demo. Volker Blaesig

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