SAP-Certified Integration with Amazon S3

Archive your SAP documents and data seamlessly to Amazon's highly available and cost-effective cloud storage

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Most suitable content for Cloud Storage

When exclusively using SAP for accessing and managing content and data, cloud storage emerges as the optimal solution. Frequently, immutable SAP documents like invoices or purchase orders that are infrequently accessed are perfect candidates for archiving in platforms like Amazon S3. Such an approach proves more cost-effective than using an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. Leveraging aqilink as SAP-certified integration, businesses can discerningly decide where to store their SAP documents – be it in an ECM system or economically on Amazon S3.
With aqilink, customizing storage options for different SAP document types is simple, enabling you to choose between the ECM system or Amazon S3's cloud storage.

Cloud Storage Advantages

Cloud storages such as Amazon S3 comes along with many in-built benefits ready to be used:


Amazon S3 provides scalable storage that can easily handle large amounts of data, allowing SAP users to store and retrieve data with ease.

High availability

Amazon S3 provides high availability for stored data, so SAP users can access their documents at all times through SAP GUI, SAP Fiori or SAP WebGUI.


Amazon S3 allows storing data in various formats, and can be used for various use cases like SAP ArchiveLink, SAP Data Archiving or SAP Printlists.

Data security

Amazon S3 provides several security features such as encryption, access controls, and monitoring to ensure the security of stored data.


Amazon S3 can help companies save costs as they only pay for the storage they use and as the maintenance and management of the storage is also in the responsibility of Amazon.

Data governance

By integrating SAP with Amazon S3, companies can better manage and control access to their data, improve data quality and reduce data silos.

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Seamless integrated

Built entirely on standard SAP technology, our product, aqilink, ensures there's no need for any additional development or Z-changes within the SAP system. To utilize Amazon S3 as an economical storage solution for SAP documents, only straightforward customization on the SAP end is required.

SAP standard apps

Within their familiar SAP environment, whether it's SAP GUI or SAP Fiori, users can seamlessly conduct their daily tasks. There's no need to install any frontend applications or switch the document handling platform. Our solution, aqilink, efficiently manages all background processes. Depending on user needs, documents are stored, retrieved, or updated, with the SAP's native viewing component ensuring smooth document display from the repository.

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Check the step by step guide in our official documentation
to learn how to connect an Amazon S3 bucket to your SAP system through our product.