SAP-Certified Integration for Hyland Nuxeo

Get most value out of your SAP related content and data managed in Nuxeo.

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Content in Context

Give your employees the ability to handle content in their specific contexts. Whereas SAP users can manage documents without knowing the underlying repository, Nuxeo users can deal with documents within the Hyland Nuxeo platform. Both user groups will have access to the same Nuxeo-stored document. Additionally, Nuxeo users can access additional metadata from the SAP business object, which can be used in a variety of ways, such as workflows.

SAP Users

You can streamline your daily operations as a SAP user without having to switch between SAP and Nuxeo. Our integrated solution ensures a smooth experience by seamlessly handling all content-related tasks in the background. Whether you need to store, retrieve, or update documents, you can do so within your familiar SAP environment.

Nuxeo Users

As a Nuxeo user, you can view documents without the need for direct SAP access. Moreover, our bidirectional integration enables the automatic replication of essential metadata from linked SAP business objects to your Nuxeo documents.
And it doesn't end with Nuxeo! Third-party systems linked to Nuxeo can reuse this SAP metadata to instantly improve their functionality and significance.
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Nuxeo Related Features

To ensure a rapid and effective SAP integration experience within Nuxeo, our product comes with a Nuxeo Addon, readily also available through the Nuxeo Marketplace. This Addon includes the related content model with required types and properties. For the end-user experience, a new Document Tab appears to show beneficial metdata from the related SAP Business Object.
But there are even more product capabilities available to elevate your workflow. For instance:

  • Effortless SAP Access: Seamlessly open associated SAP Business Objects directly in SAP WebGUI with a single click, enhancing efficiency and accessibility.
  • Streamlined Document Upload and Linking: Empower your document management by seamlessly uploading content to Nuxeo and effortlessly linking it to existing SAP Business Objects. Choose from manual, semi-manual, or fully automated linking processes, tailoring the experience to your needs.
  • Automated Filename Handling: For native SAP ArchiveLink documents, the "data" file will be automatically renamed to match its original filename in SAP, ensuring consistency and clarity.
  • Customizable Features: Adaptability at your fingertips. Each SAP Content Repository can be customized by the Nuxeo Administrator, allowing you to fine-tune features as per your specific requirements.

Watch on demand

Check our YouTube channel to watch business case related demo videos between SAP and Nuxeo. We're also happy to do a live demo upon request.

I am happy to talk with you in person, discuss your requirements and - of course - do a customer optimized demo. Volker Blaesig

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