Our service offerings around the product, such as our demanded Starter Package.

Starter Package

Our starter package contains a Proof of Concept of our SAP integration in your company. It offers the best value to get started quickly:

Collecting your requirements and ensure that we're talking on the same level at the same language.

The installation and configuration for the basic scenarios is done by us.

Additional scenarios, as agreed in the Kick-off workshop, will be configured by us as well.

Discussing further use-cases to be covered by the product as well as answering all open questions.

Adapter Package

Looking for consolidation of your existing ECM-SAP integration and would you like to learn more about the capabilities to extend and improve your business processes with SAP related data in your ECM system?
Then, our Adapter package is the perfect choice. With our experience we can help you to sort requirements, implement necessary changes to improve your business processes.

Let's Connect Package

Because our SAP integration was built as modern and open application, we can connect to many other storage and ECM or even BPM systems to enrich these systems with SAP related data - or vice versa. The only requirement is to have an open API or CMIS integration available on the desired target system.