Simulate all SAP-HTTP-Content-Server Requests

Our command-line tool enables the simulation of all SAP-HTTP-Content-Server requests without requiring access to an actual SAP system. It even supports signed requests. The tool allows developers to concentrate on creating the interface, rather than focusing on the intricacies of SAP.

Command-line tool available for:

Simulate SAP requests

Streamline Testing without an SAP System

The SAP HTTP Tester is a versatile command-line tool designed to simulate requests from an SAP system to a linked content repository, eliminating the need for an actual SAP system. This tool fully supports all types of requests as outlined in the SAP HTTP Content Server specification, including efficiently handling signed requests. It is an invaluable asset for conducting stress tests or facilitating rapid file upload testing. The SAP HTTP Tester offers numerous options for sending requests, including the ability to specify the number of times a document should be stored and the number of threads to be used.

Additional Features

Crafted by Developers, for Developers

In the world of software development, nothing beats a tool that’s been created by developers, for developers. With a deep understanding of the intricacies and requirements of the SAP HTTP-Content-Server protocol, the SAP HTTP Tester was also equipped with a range of user-friendly features, designed to streamline the development process and simplify the daily tasks of developers.

Send signed requests to the content repository.

View the raw response of a single request including headers.

Repeat the last sent request with all parameters and values.

Enhance Your Development with the SAP HTTP Tester: Revolutionize Your SAP HTTP Content Server Interfaces

The SAP HTTP Tester is an essential tool for developers working on SAP HTTP Content Server interfaces. It enables precise testing of requests for individual Core SAP ArchiveLink functions, providing unparalleled granularity and efficiency.

Isolated Request Testing for Accurate and Speedy Development

The SAP HTTP Tester allows you to send requests individually and in isolation to a content repository. This approach ensures more accurate development and expedites troubleshooting.

Granular Testing Without an SAP System

Our SAP HTTP Tester enables detailed testing of all parameters outlined in the SAP HTTP Content Server specification without the need for an SAP system. This method streamlines the testing process compared to the traditional, cumbersome procedures within SAP.

Direct and Valid Requests to Your Content Repository

With the SAP HTTP Tester, you can send fully valid SAP HTTP Content Server requests directly to your chosen content repository, further enhancing and simplifying your development process.

Supported SAP HTTP-Content-Server Requests

All requests are supported according to the SAP HTTP-Content-Server specification.

Get the SAP HTTP Tester

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